Monday, January 21, 2008

Amudirta Grandhachintaamani

Inspired by my friend Archana's blog post about her grandfather, I too wanted to share some legacy I am proud about.

Few months back my father had sent a new paper article on an old literary journal called "Amudirta Grandhachintaamani". In the 19th century, like in many languages, Telugu literature also had many revolutionary changes. New forms of poetry and prose evolved. This journal used to play a prominent role by acting as a primary media for all telugu literature, by publishing great articles of critics there by contributed to the development of Telugu literature.

And the news I came to know is that my great great grandfather, Late Poondla Ramakrishnayya, was the founder and publisher of this journal. He took great pains to run this journal just out of passion (it must have limited subscription base thus may not be a big commercial success). Poondla Ramakrishnayya garu started this at the age of 23 and ran uninterrupted until he died. I read that this venture was supported by his friends like Ulligondam Ramachandra Rao, Rojukurti Venkata Krishna Rao etc. I am very proud of this legacy and feel humbled by his greatness.

All I know about him was an old photograph of him which I doubt is still there at our ancestral home in Nellore. The only similarity between him and myself is jaw bone. Yes, we have the famous and unique "Poondla Jaw" that runs in our family.


Poondla Thakur said...

It’s a splendid way to hold and spread the news on the Legacy. Let young blood and Young Turk of the Poondla legacy also endeavor to claim the exuberant legacy by exuding the imbibed latent talents apart from the DNA and generic profile of a jaw-bone.
In fact the last generation too had had their foot-prints imprinted on the shores of Poondla legacy. Smt. Balakusuma the great grand daughter of Late Sri Ramakrishniah garu had made an indelible mark with her philosophical booklets- ‘Raga Deepika’, “Gynana Deepika” written in Telugu.
The Gynana Deepika had been translated into English with a different Title –“Reminiscence of Knowledge”. It tries to explain in simplistic form about the Brahma Sutras, Upanishads and its intricate Indian Hindu philosophy. (Vedic Philosophy).
Another great grand son, Mr. S. Ramachander Rao has expressed his erudite talents in jurisprudence and authored a book on Constitutional Law, “Indian Constitution” and chaired the seat of Advocate Generalship in Andhra Pradesh High court.
Another off-spring of Poondla’s Legacy, Poondla Thakur Prakash too made an attempt to bear the torch and authored a philosophical book, “Divine Reminiscences”. This title is still a favorite among many Datta devotees and had four reprints done in a span of
3 years and available in US at Datta Yoga Center. The book ‘Divine Reminiscences’ deliberates about the Guru (Teacher) and devotee (Disciple) relationship and the Hindu religion.
- Poondla Thakur

Anonymous said...

Nice post Vamsi. That is a great legacy to live upto. Kudos to your great great grandfather. - Sukumar

Priya Raju said...

Vamsi - That's a nice tribute to your ancestor.

I know of people who lay tenuous claims on their relationship with great people. "You know so-and-so? Well, I'm their third cousin twice removed's brother-in-law's sister's neighbor's son's cousin's wife's friend!"

So your post's autheticity is refreshing :-)

Vamsi said...

Thank you Chinnababu. You are correct.your generation has command over the language as well as creativity to write such great books.

Thank you Priya and Sukumar. I was never aware until recently that there is such contribution to Telugu literature from my family.

I still remember seeing some original works written on the 'palm leaves' at my grandmother's house. We used them for burning stove for hot water. I feel so ashamed that no one took any pain to preserve our wealth..for that is the real wealth of unknown value.

Archana Raghuram said...

Great post Vamsi. I really feel it is very important for us to remember legacy of our ancestors. It inspires us to be better people.

Vamsi said...

Thanks for your comments Archana. You said it.

Venkat said...

Thank you vamsi, through your blog published you made so many to remember of our great grand father Sri Poondla Ramakrishnaiah garu, your own grand father was named after him. okay. To quote some more Vedam Venkatrayasarma Vavvilla brothers, Kopprupu brothers are some of the contempories of our great grand father. One Dr.Kalidasu Purushothammarao garu got his Doctorate on doing research on the great writings of Sri Ramakrishnaiah garu, I met him recently he promised to give me some papers related to our great grand father. I am too late to express my comment but I am happpy atleast I am able to write some thing on your blog, and I appreciate my other side of the coin for expressing his great comment and also thankful to my young brother Thakur, he also wrote many books of his own and made us to remember Smt.Balakusuma, and also my cousine Sri S.Ramachandra Rao. It was told by my father that my great grand father used to get a Horse Sort ( a type of cart drawn by two horses) to great Raja of Venkatagiri to attend his asthanam (Raja's court), it is supposed to be a great honour to writers of those good golden days.

Unknown said...

Great man from Nellore